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How to customize the Home Screen Layout for iOS/iPadOS devices

Home Screen Layout is a policy to customize and arrange apps, folders, and web clips on supervised iOS devices. MDM IT admins can organize apps on Homescreen pages and docker of all their managed devices. They can sort apps based on the priority of apps and set the most important apps on the first page. In this way, users can have quick access to important applications.

With an intuitive and clear UI, SureMDM makes it easier for admins to arrange the apps on the home screen as they wish. Using this feature admin can configure more than 3 items on each page/dock. By following the below steps you can have to customize the Home Screen as per the organization’s requirement.

  1. Log in to your SureMDM portal.
  2. Navigate to Profiles and click iOS/iPadOS
  3. Click on Add to create a new profile. 
  4. Navigate to Home Screen Layout Profile and click on Configure.
    • You can add either Apps, Folder, or Webclip to the home screen layout or the dock. 
    • You can also use the Move Up or Move Down button to arrange the Apps orders on pages/dock screen. 
    • You can remove the apps by clicking on Delete 
  5. Once done configuring, enter a Profile Name and save the profile and apply the profile to iOS/iPadOS devices.

Note: This feature is available for supervised iOS devices running on iOS v9.3+.

Click here for details on how to supervise the device using Apple configurator 2.

If you need further assistance, please submit a ticket here  

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Updated on May 2021