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How to disable Smart Manager on the Samsung S6 and S7 devices

Smart Manager in Samsung devices is a part of system settings that automatically scans and optimizes data usage to preserve battery levels, manage storage and RAM, and protect from security threats from a centralized location. It is available on devices such as S6 and S7 devices. 

However, Smart Manager sometimes interrupts the functioning of many apps that are required to run continuously on devices with SureLock for production purposes. 

Admin can follow the below-mentioned steps to disable Smart Manager inside SureLock on the device. 

 1. Access SureLock Admin Settings. 

2. On the SureLock Admin Settings screen, tap on Enable Samsung Knox 

3. Export the SureLock settings to a file.  Click here for details. 

4. Once done, open the file in a text editor and add the below mentioned package name under Disable Applications.  


 5. Import the settings on SureLock and reboot the device while in SureLock. 

 This should disable the Samsung Smart manager on devices. 

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Updated on June 2021