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How to enable WatchDog inside SureLock on Android devices?

Watchdog Service enables advance lockdown of the device by restricting access to any unallowed application from an allowed application. For example, if Camera is among the allowed applications, the users may access the gallery or share the picture using available options on the Camera screen. In this scenario, enable Watchdog Service to restrict the users to access only approved applications and nothing else.

Watchdog Service enables the following settings:

–  Rotation of Screen
–  Brightness on Screen
–  Enable Toast Message
–  Set Custom Access Denied Message 
–  Kill unallowed Application
–  On launch of unallowed Application
–  Diagnostic Settings

Below are the steps to check this feature.

  1. Install and Launch SureLock.
  2. Access SureLock Admin Settings.
  3. In the Admin Settings screen, tap on SureLock settings.
  4. Navigate to Watchdog Services and enable this option.
  5. Save the changes and go back to SureLock Home Screen.

The above mentioned features will start working as expected.

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Updated on August 2021