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How to grant necessary permissions to SureLock on Android devices

SureLock to perform as expected will request for a set of permissions from the Admin to be granted.


The purpose of this knowledge article is to provide a guide on how to grant necessary permissions to SureLock on Android devices.




  1. Install and Launch SureLock.
  2. Access SureLock Admin Settings.
  3. In the Admin Settings screen, tap on Setup SureLock Permissions. The below list of permissions will be shown.
  • Set SureLock as Default Launcher : This option will set SureLock as the default Home screen.
  • Configure Runtime Permissions : This permission is to grant multiple runtime permissions to SureLock. This will let SureLock have access to camera, location, storage, phone, etc.
  • Activate Device Admin : SureLock needs Android Administrator permission for the advanced lockdown features such as 

        –  Disable Camera
        –  Disable Lock Screen
        –  Encrypt device
        –  Set Password Expiry
        –  Lock Device
        –  Set Password Restrictions
        –  Reset Device Password
        –  Monitor unauthorized Login
        –  Wipe Device

      Enable these options to activate all the advanced lockdown features.

  • Enable Usage Access – The lockdown features of SureLock will not work until this option is enabled.
  • Install and Setup Enterprise Agent – This option will download and install Enterprise Agent on the supported device.
  • Enable Samsung Knox – Select this option to enable Samsung Knox features. This feature is available only for Samsung Knox devices.
  • Disable USB Debugging – Select this option to restrict access to the device using the Command prompt. 
  • Disable Automatic Update From Play Store – Select this option to stop auto-updating all the installed applications from Play Store.
  • Enable All Files Access – SureLock requires this permission to read and write access to all files within shared storage for file transfers to/from the device, log files created on the device.
  • Configure System Permission – SureLock needs this permission to enable single application mode, floating buttons, power-saving mode, etc.,
  • Enable Notification Access – This permission is necessary for SureLock to block notifications and control sound settings.
  • Enable Display Over Other Apps – This permission gives SureLock access to disable the status bar, block access to unallowed Apps, etc.
  • Enable Background Location – SureLock requires this permission to access the location all the time to help smooth functioning of advance lockdown features such as Driver Safety, Wi-fi center, etc.
  • Enable SureKeyboard Service – SureLock requires this permission to set a secured keyboard as an input method on the devices.

Once these permissions are granted, you will notice that all the features in SureLock will function smoothly.

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Updated on May 2023