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How to update the Firmware on NUU devices using SureMDM

The enormous gap between superior and inferior solutions gave rise to NUU, which provides highly customizable, enterprise-ready mobility solutions for businesses to easily adapt and scale. Numerous smartphones and tablets are available from NUU, and they can be customized to meet certain needs.


The purpose of this article is to provide a guide on how to update the Firmware on NUU devices using SureMDM.


  1. Download the respective Firmware OTA.zip file for NUU devices. Click here for details.
  2. Download the EA System Plugin app from here.


There are mainly three steps to updating the firmware.

Step 1: Install the EA System plugin app on the devices

a. Log into the SureMDM web console and create an Install Application job to install the EA System Plugin app on the device.

Note: Please make sure that the Install after Copy option is checked.

Step 2: Transfer the OTA file to the devices

a. Login to the SureMDM Web Console and create a File Transfer job with the OTA.zip file mentioned in the Prerequisites section.

Note: Please note down the destination path of that file.

Step 3: Create a RunScript job to execute the OTA.zip

a. Log into SureMDM and create a Run script job for Android devices with the below command.


am broadcast -a com.gears42.system.eaplugin.COMMUNICATOR -e filePath "Path of OTA.zip" -e command update_firmware -f 0x00000020 com.gears42.system.eaplugin.nuu

Note: Please replace the path of OTA.zip highlighted text above with the destination path of your OTA.zip file.

Once the jobs are created, Apply them to the devices in the same order of creation.

You can also create a Composite job with these jobs in the same order and add a delay of 25 seconds between each job to ensure the jobs are deployed properly to the device(s).

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Updated on August 2023