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How to upgrade SureMDM Agent remotely on Android devices?

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Updated: September 2021

When devices are spread across different locations, admins need a way to upgrade SureMDM agent on android devices remotely from the SureMDM web console without any manual intervention. This can be achieved by using the silent upgrade process through our SureMDM Agent Upgrade job.

Follow the steps as mentioned below to upgrade SureMDM Agent remotely:

1. Login to SureMDM web console.

2. Go to the Jobs section.

3. On the Jobs screen, click on New Job

4. Select Android. In the Select Job Type screen, select SureMDM Agent Upgrade job

5. In the Configure Job screen, Enter the Job Name and Enter the SureMDM Agent URL

Note: The URL should be a direct download link. For the latest SureMDM Agent version, use this link

6. You can also specify the path on the device in Device Path field where you want the apk file to be downloaded on device storage. By default, it is set to the root folder(/sdcard/) of internal storage.

7. Click on OK to save the job. In the SureMDM web Console, select a device or a group of devices and click on Apply to apply the job

NOTE: Silent upgrade of SureMDM agent works on Samsung KNOX, platform signed/Enterprise Agent and Device Owner devices. Click here to know more about Enterprise Agent.

This will upgrade the SureMDM Agent on the device without any intervention and the same version will be reflected in SureMDM web console once the job is deployed successfully. We recommend upgrading the SureMDM Agent on 1-2 test devices and then deploy to all production devices batchwise.

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