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How to whitelist Wi-Fi networks on a Linux machine

Whitelisting the Wi-Fi networks on the Linux machine restricts the users from accessing all the networks; they can only access the specific Networks that are configured in the Wi-Fi configuration profile. The Wi-Fi Configuration Profile allows the administrator to push wireless network configuration to the enrolled devices.


The purpose of this knowledge article is to provide a guide on how to whitelist Wi-Fi networks on a Linux Machine.




  1. Login to the SureMDM console and Navigate to Profiles.
  2. Select the Linux Operating System and Click on Add.
  3. Enter a Profile Name.
  1. Configure Wi-Fi settings and click Add. (Add the list of Wi-Fi networks that you want to whitelist on the Linux machine.)
  2. Now configure System Settings in the same profile.

6. Under System Settings, Check the option Force Wi-Fi Whitelisting and Save the profile.

  1. Once the above settings are configured, Deploy the profile to the Linux machine.

Users will be able to access only the specific Wi-Fi networks that were configured in the profile.

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Updated on March 2024