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How to Wipe Windows devices remotely through SureMDM?

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Updated: April 2022

Factory resetting a device will help the admin reuse the device for a different project or erase the sensitive details on the device in case of theft. SureMDM allows the IT admins to perform this reset operation on Windows devices remotely. 


For Windows devices, the wipe option in SureMDM is supported only for those devices which are enrolled in EMM or Dual enrollment (Normal + EMM). Click here to know more about different types of Windows device enrollments in SureMDM.

Follow the steps mentioned below to perform a wipe/reset on windows devices from the SureMDM web console:

1. Log in to your SureMDM Console.

2. Select the device and navigate to the more(3 dots) option on the right panel under the device info panel.

3. Click on Wipe.

4. The Remote Data Wipe pop-up will appear on the screen. Select the required option from the below options and click on Yes.

  • Remote wipe of the device – Removes all personal, company data and settings from the device.
  • Back up data and wipe – Performs a remote reset on the device and persist user accounts and data.
  • Remote wipe and fully clean the internal drive – Keeps trying to reset the device until its done, even if device losses power. In some device configurations, this command may leave the device unable to boot.
  • Back up provisioning data and wipe – Provisioning data will be backed up to a persistent location, and then a remote wipe of the device will be performed.

Once done, SureMDM will initiate resetting the windows device and erase all the details from the device. 

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