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How to prevent mobile devices from distracting your drivers

SureLock offers a Driver Safety feature to prevent distractions caused by mobile devices for drivers. This feature locks the device screen, limiting driver interaction while driving. It uses GPS to set a speed threshold, and once this threshold is crossed, SureLock automatically locks the device, restricts functionality, and alerts the admin via email.


This knowledge article provides a guide on how to prevent drivers from interacting with their devices when driving the vehicle using Driver Safety Mode in SureLock.


  • Supported on all SureLock installed devices (Android).
  • Driver Safety profile SureLock settings should be exported to internal storage before configuration.

Creating and Exporting Driver Safety Profile Settings:

  1. Create a Driver Safety Profile:
  2. Export Settings:
    • Launch SureLock and access the SureLock Admin Settings.
    • Open Import/Export Settings.
    • Select Export to File and choose a location different from the default path.
    • Save the settings file (Example Path: /storage/emulated/0/Downloads/SureLock.settings).
    • Make sure to disable the Auto Import option under Import/Export Settings.

Enabling Driver Safety Mode using SureLock:

Two options to configure Driver Safety:

  1. Driver Safety Overlay:
    • Open SureLock Admin Settings and tap SureLock Settings.
    • Choose Driver Safety and enable Driver Safety Overlay.
    • Ensure GPS is ON and set to High Accuracy.
    • Set the Driver Safety Overlay Threshold in Miles/Hour and confirm.
    • When the threshold is exceeded, an overlay blocks device access; it reverts to normal when speed is reduced.
  2. Enable Driver Safety Profile:
    • In Driver Safety Settings, ensure to check “Enable Driver Safety Profile”.
    • Browse and select the previously created SureLock.settings file.
    • Confirm and complete the process.

Once vehicle speed surpasses the threshold, SureLock activates the Driver Safety Profile settings with specified allowed applications. When speed drops below the threshold, SureLock restores the default Master SureLock settings with the desired applications for normal use.

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Updated on August 2023