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How to prevent mobile devices from distracting your drivers?

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Updated: June 2021

Driver’s safety feature available in SureLock is an important feature to consider when the devices deployed to the field are always on the move. This feature helps the admin to lock the device screen to ensure the driver’s interaction with the device while driving is limited. The feature also has options to set the speed threshold for the vehicle by co-ordinating with the GPS of the device. Once the vehicle crosses the threshold speed SureLock will auto-lock and restrict all the device functionality and sends out an e-mail alert to the admin with updates.

Steps to enable Driver Safety Mode using SureMDM

To auto-lock, the device screen when the driver crosses the set speed threshold, click here.

Admins have to complete the following four steps to configure Driver Safety Profile in SureLock for the driver:

1. Configure Settings Export Location and exporting the file.

2. Create Driver Safety Profile – Single App Mode or Multiple App Mode.

3. Enable Driver Safety feature.

4. Export settings for Driver Safety Lockdown Profile.

Steps to configure Settings Export Location and export the file

1. Launch SureLock.

2. Access the SureLock Admin Settings.

3. On the SureLock Admin Settings screen, tap on Import/Export Settings.

4. On Import/Export Settings screen, select Export to File.

5. On the Export to File prompt, tap on the Browse button to select the location where you want to export the settings file.

Note: By default, the settings file is exported in your /SD Card folder as SureLock.settings. In case SD Card is not present in the device, the user can select internal device folders like- /storage/emulated/0.

6. Once the export location is identified and selected, tap on OK to export the settings.

Steps to create Driver Safety Profile – Single App Mode or Multiple App Mode

Before configuring Driver Safety ModeDriver Safety Profile has to be configured. Use the following links to configure Single App Mode or Multiple App Mode.

To add multiple allowed applications, click here.

To allow a single application and enable Single App Mode, click here.

Steps to enable Driver Safety Mode ,and set Driver Safety Profile

1. On the SureLock Admin Settings screen, tap SureLock Settings.

2. On the SureLock Settings screen, tap Driver Safety.

3. On the Driver Safety Settings screen, enable Enable Driver Safety.

Note: GPS should be ON and set to High Accuracy.

4. Tap Set Driver Safety Threshold to enter a value in Miles/Hour and tap OK.

5. Tap Enable Driver Safety Profile to launch the Choose Path prompt.

6. Use the browse option in the Choose Path prompt to identify and select the surelock.settings file path created using the steps under the First step.

7. Tap on Done to complete.

Steps to export Driver Safety Profile and replace the settings file

1. On the SureLock Admin Settings screen, tap Import/Export Settings.

2. On the Import/Export Settings screen, select the Export to File option and click on OK.

Note: Do not change the Export to File path which is selected under first step and Automatic Import option under Import/Export Settings should be disabled.

3. Once done exporting Driver Safety Profile, proceed with configuring lockdown for normal mode. (Normal mode refers to the lockdown profile of the device when running under the set threshold).

4. After configuring normal lockdown mode, exit SureLock Admin Settings.

Now, when the speed of driver with the device exceeds the threshold, SureLock will lock normal lockdown mode and Driver Safety Profile will get auto-activated. Normal Mode will resume only when the driver’s speed comes below the set threshold.

Read more about SureLock for Android here.

To download a free trial of SureLock for Androidclick here.

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