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How to display allowed applications on Android devices using SureLock?

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SureLock is a well-known kiosk application that will help the admin to put the devices in kiosk mode wherein the end-user cannot make any changes to the system settings or home screen settings of the device. Therefore, end-users will have to use only the applications which are visible on the device home screen. 

One of the important parts of this process is configuring the Allowed Application list under SureLock settings. 

Below we discuss the steps, features, and options available with SureLock to allow applications on the SureLock Home screen. 

1.   Access SureLock Admin Settings.

2.   On the SureLock Settings screen, Tap on the Allowed Applications option.

3. On the Allowed Applications screen, tap on Add App button.

4. A list of applications from different categories such as All AppsDownloaded AppsSystem AppsServicesPlugin Apps, etc., available on the device will be shown. Search and Check the applications and services you would like to allow access to on the device.

5. Click Done to return to the Allowed Applications screen. Here, tap on the application(s) allowed in step 4 and you will be navigated to Application Settings.

6. In the Application Settings screen, below mentioned values can be set as per your need.

  • Label: Enter the name of the application to be displayed.
  • Icon: Browse and set the icon for the application to be displayed.
  • Password: Set a password to allow access to the application
  • Hide icon in Home Screen: Check this option to Hide the application on the SureLock Home Screen.
  • Launch at Startup: Launches the application as soon as the device is powered ON.
  • Restart App on Relaunch: Restart the application when it is relaunched.
  • Clear Data on Launch: Clears the data on application launch.
    Note: This feature is available only for devices with signature permissions.
  • Runtime permissions: Using this feature admin can allow or restrict Camera, Microphone, Location, Contacts, Storage, etc., permissions to the application.
    Note: This feature is available only for Samsung devices or Signed devices with OS Marshmallow and above.
  • Child Windows: Choose specific child windows of the application to be allowed or restricted on the device.
  • Current Path: Path of the application.
  • App Idle Timeout: Configure a specific period of device inactive time after which SureLock will auto-redirect the device screen to SureLock Home Screen. Click here for details.
  • Remove: This option eliminates the application from the allowed application list.

7. Tap Done to save the settings.

Now, the application will be shown on the SureLock Home Screen as per configuration.

Note: You can also Add Folder and move the applications to the folder to ensure ease of accessibility for each application. This option is available on the Allowed Applications screen in SureLock settings.

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Updated: May 2021