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How to remotely Control Your Linux-Based IoT Gateways?

SureMDM lets you remotely manage both Linux devices and Linux-based Internet of Things (IoT) gateways. Once you set up an IoT gateway (like the Mozilla WebThings Gateway) with SureMDM, you can remotely manage connected IoT devices and sensors.

These instructions assume you are using the Mozilla WebThings Gateway. The steps for other IoT gateways will be similar. For any questions on variations, please email techsupport@42gears.com

Steps to set up Mozilla’s WebThings Gateway with SureMDM

1. Take a Linux device and follow the steps here to build WebThings Gateway.

2. Once complete, register and login to Mozilla WebThings Gateway.

3. Click Menu and select Things.

4. Click the + icon located at the bottom right to search for available IoT devices.

5.  Once you have added the device, download the SureMDM on-device software (also known as SureMDM Agent) from the website using the command below.

wget https://suremdm.42gears.com/nix/nix.tar.gz

6. Follow the process here to set up and configure SureMDM Agent.

7. Once done, log into DNS or SureMDM Web Console.

Note: SureMDM Web Console address can also be a DNS name and not necessarily suremdm.42gears.

8. On the SureMDM Home, click Jobs, then New Job and then select Linux as the operating system.

9. On the Select Job Type page, click Run Scripts.

10. On the Run Script prompt, give a name to the job, add the custom Run Script and save.

Note: You can use API tools like Postman to extract the required APIs which can be converted into Linux commands or Run Scripts. You can also reach out to our technical support team for assistance.

11. Go back to the SureMDM Home and use the Apply option to apply the job you created.

Once the Run Script is applied to the Linux device, SureMDM Agent will pick up the command, apply the same command to the IoT gateway, and ensure it gets executed on the IoT device.

Register to try SureMDM for free.

Read more about SureMDM’s Linux support here.

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Updated on August 2021