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Steps to configure kiosk on Pico VR devices.

Many wellness industries use VR devices to help their customers give a visual representation of the idea they are implementing. This helps the customers understand what exactly they are signing up for. Putting the VR devices in the kiosk mode is an intelligent way of optimizing the resources.

Using SureMDM, the admin can put Pico VR devices in kiosk mode. Below are the steps to achieve the same.

1. Install and configure the SureMDM agent on the device. Refer here for details.
2. Once done, edit the partial xml mentioned below as per the requirement.

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8' standalone='yes' ?>
	<Mode>partial</Mode><!--modes: strict, flexible, partial-->
	<Password PlainText="true"></Password>
		<KioskMode>1</KioskMode> <!-- 1 - Enabled 0 - Disabled-->
		<KioskType>1</KioskType> <!-- 1 - LockTask 2 - HomeScreen-->
		<ScreenOrientation>6</ScreenOrientation> <!-- 0 - dontCare 1 - landscape 2 - portrait 3 - reverse_landscape 4 - reverse_portrait 5 - auto_landscape 6 - auto_portrait-->
		<IconTextColor>8</IconTextColor> <!-- 0 - BLACK 1 - BLUE 2 - CYAN 3 - DKGRAY 4 - GRAY 5 - LTGRAY 6 - GREEN 7 - MAGENTA 8 - RED 9 - WHITE 10 - YELLOW -->
		<IconSize>1</IconSize><!--ICON SIZES: 0:Small (50 %), 1:Medium (100 %), 2:Large (200 %), 3:Extra Large (400 %), 4:Custom, 5:Original-->
        	<WallpaperPosition>1</WallpaperPosition><!-- 1 - Center 2 - CenterCrop 3 - FitCenter -->

a. In the above xml, add package names of the applications between <package> and </package> tag to be allowed in the kiosk mode on the VR device.
b. In the above xml, use <allowInKiosk> and </allowInKiosk> tag to hide or show the allowed applications.Setting it as 1, will show the application, and application setting it as 0 will hide the application.

3. After editing the xml, import the same from within the SureMDM agent on the device or reboot the device for the settings file to be applied to the SureMDM agent.

This will put the VR device into kiosk mode.

Admin can simply download and run the batch file from here for easier execution of the above steps. Check the readme file from the batch file for details.

To exit the kiosk mode on the VR device, access the SureMDM agent settings and Tap on the Exit Kiosk option.

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Updated on August 2021